Some time ago, my cousin Jane Garlick let me borrow some old type written manuscripts that had been stored in a trunk by her late father. It was an unpublished book about his ten years service in the RAF from 1935 to 1945 along with the photo albums documenting his service life in pictures. I believe that this is a historical treasure of great importance that all should be able to read, and as a consequence, I have recompiled his manuscript and edited his photographs to bring my late uncle’s book to fruition.

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This edition has been re-edited, contains a glossary, many new photographs, and features an interactive full screen photo gallery. Not only has the book been approved by iBooks, but it carries the ‘Made for iBooks’ blue stamp of approval for its use of many of the unique interactive iBooks features, and at only £6.99, with 80 photographs by the author, represents great value! Make sure you get a copy for your iBooks library, and let Wing Cmdr. Hugh Garlick take you back in time to a socially different and dangerous era!
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Here are some photographs from the original photo album belonging to Wing Commander Hugh Garlick, DFC. Many are shown in his book ‘One Life Left’

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