Although I neither wrote this book nor illustrated it, I did have a big hand in the initial multimedia format design, putting it together in iBooks, for which the author Chris Van Hayden has kindly credited me. This edition is made especially for the iPad and features interactive music, videos and many sound clips. It is a fabulous book for kids, particularly those who are musically inclined.

‘Rock star wannabe Rocky Rocks has no clue how to make his dream come true. Facing eternal ridicule by spoilt boy-band popster Itchy, he has to step up to a challenge he can’t dodge in a quest from zero to guitar hero!
A story with some big noses, wacky characters and the… X Tractor!

Sprinkled with humorous wit, this beautifully illustrated interactive masterpiece specially formatted for iBooks, is packed with over a hundred illustrations, dozens of sound clips, voice overs and original songs with video, making this a treasure of art, entertainment and music.’

Click here to view Rocky
art slide show…


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