This is a project I created as a present for my wife – a photographic array of our urban garden, from its beginnings to a new design ten years later. Plants, flowers, insects and butterflies make up a wealth of colour throughout the seasons. Hopefully this book may also serve as an inspiration to others to make the most of any small garden area, and use it as a setting for their own garden and wildlife photography.

Containing 160 full page photographs, the exquisite 10 x 8 hardback edition is printed on luxury ProLine Pearl Photo paper and is bound in a hardcover with a glossy wrap-around dust jacket.

Here are a few photographs from the book that you can view unobscured by text. You can obtain a low cost ePub edition, suitable for iBooks on the iPad or iPhone, that contains all 160 photographs for only £3.49. Just click here ‘The Garden Book’

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