20 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

20 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

by BobBooks Whether you’ve just purchased your first DSLR and want to learn the basics or are looking for simple ways to update your existing photography skills, the following tips should help you build a strong foundation. Keep in mind, however, that photography is an art you’ll never really be ‘done’ learning. The best way […]

Home Made Filled Pasta

https://hooton.photo/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Recipease-0192.jpgHome Made Filled Pasta

Had a great evening at Jamie Oliver’s Recipease last week with my daughter, making ravioli, caramelli, and tortellini with a roast butternut squash and ricotta filling. Recipease offers fun cookery lessons where you get to eat the food there and then or take it home for further cooking! Pasta being a fresh dish, is of […]

Adobe Lightroom CC and 6.0

https://hooton.photo/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/LR5-iOS-1075-2.jpgAdobe Lightroom CC and 6.0

By now news has probably filtered through to you in one way or another, that Adobe have released Lightroom CC and 6.0. One of the most dynamic ‘features’ of this new version is that it coincides with the release of Mobile Lightroom for the iPhone. Mobile Lightroom for the iPad was released a couple of […]

Retouching Portraits the Easy Way

https://hooton.photo/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Notleys-0359-crop.jpgRetouching Portraits the Easy Way

Everybody nowadays knows of Photoshop and when it comes to photographing portraits, your sitter will probably be aware of how pictures can be enhanced using Photoshop. There is no doubt about it, portraits can be extensively retouched in Photoshop, but this is a time consuming process and takes considerable skill which in itself has a […]

Quality Control (Part 2)

https://hooton.photo/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/blue-tit-1862.jpgQuality Control (Part 2)

Just about any image can always be improved with manipulation of the colours – saturation, contrast etc. There are often areas in a picture that lack punch or detail such as the sky or textiles. The goal we are chasing is to get an even feel to the image, focusing on areas that may be […]

Quality Control (Part 1)

https://hooton.photo/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/p7100-3032-2.jpgQuality Control (Part 1)

What many new photographers and quite a few not so new photographers probably do not realise, is that in the old days of black and white photography, half the work of the photographer was done in the darkroom, usually by his assistant. I don’t mean just run of the mill processing, but skilful manipulation of […]